Course Description

Start and Finish Locations

Each race will start and end at the West parking lot of the Logan View Schools campus. The start and finish will be marked with flags. Click here to see where Logan View Public School is located.


50k: The 50k course will be mostly gravel with a few miles of pavement. This course follows the same route as the full marathon with an additional leg along the scenic Logan River valley.

Marathon: The course will be mostly gravel with a few miles of pavement. While the course has some gentle rolling hills it also has some more challenging hills along with some flat valleys. The scenic course runs through the Elkhorn and Logan River Valley where the towns of Hooper, Scribner and Uehling can be seen in the distance. The marathon course will cross the Burlington railroad tracks on two occasions. In the slim chance that a runner would be stopped by a train, there will be a timer there to adjust your time at the end of the race.

Half-Marathon and 5k: Both these courses will be run on all gravel with both flat and rolling hills. The half-marathon will run through the Logan Valley and will run almost to the town of Uehling.

Aid Stations

There will be aid stations approximately every 2 miles. There will be water and Gatorade at each of the aid stations. Goo gels will be available at some of the aid stations There will also be toilets along the course as well as plenty of tall corn.

Medical Support

We will have EMT's at the finish line, and roving vehicles to check on the runners in route. If you are having trouble during the race, please stop at an aid station.

PLEASE NOTE: Aid Stations and Course/Medical Support will be available until 11:00 pm. If you believe you may have trouble completing the race by 11:00 pm, please contact the race director to request an early start time.

Mile Markers

Mile markers will be located every 2 miles for the 50k, Marathon, and 1/2 marathon. Turns will be marked with spray paint or a cone on the road for all races.


All timing will be done using chip timing provided by run nebraska.